Saturday, May 2, 2015

Disabled message on iPAD. Enable the disabled iPAD without loosing data - SOLVED

Last week my son has entered wrong password many times and it disabled my iPAD. When i turn my ipad on it was giving me Disabled message on my iPAD.

This method also works with disabled iPhone. This method helps you to enable your disabled iPAD or iPhone without loosing data.

There are two methods to enable iPAD. first one is to factory restore your iPAD and other one is just enable without loosing data. 

Enable the disabled iPAD without loosing data.

1. Open iTune on your computer. Make sure do not connect to your iPAD to computer yet  (this computer must be the same computer where your iPAD is sync last time)

2. Now connect your disabled iPAD to computer and wait for this to display in iTune

3. Click on your iPAD name and it will give you two options. Restore the backup or setup new iPAD

4. Now click on Setup new iPAD and then click Restore

5. The iPAD will automatically start backing up. Make sure to CANCEL THE BACKUP IMMEDIATELY.  you can cancel by clicking x on stats window in iTune.

6. When back up cancels it will start automatically syncing. . cancel this as well by clicking x on status window in iTune

7. It will start restore your iPad. The first process in restoring iPAD unlock your iPAD. As soon as your iPAD is unlocks make sure to cancel restore process as well.

This method works on disabled iPhone as well.

If this method works to enable your disabled iPAD or iPhone please comment here. Also please comment if you have any question.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dropbox Password Hacked

An unnamed hacker group is claiming that it has accessed more then 6 Million Dropbox accounts, and if they will be paid enough in Bitcoin, the group intends to publish more than the 1,200 usernames and passwords that it has released.
After this publication online, Dropbox issued a statement saying that their server had not been hacked. The username and password had been stollen from other services and was used to login to Dropbox account. 
Dropbox still issued warning to users to change their password and enable two way authentication.
It is better to change password even you think your account has not been compromised.
Happy surfing everyone. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Many windows 8 users get Memory_management stop error 0x0000001A and Blue screen of death

This is related software or hardware issue. Follow below steps to solve this issue.

1) Log in to Windows 8

2) press "Windows key" and  "R"  together to open Run apps


3) Type "CMD" and press OK

4) in Command prompt type " SFC /scannow"

5) Let it run and then restart computer

6) Check if this error goes away

If you still have issue then it could be faulty physical RAM. try removing and inserting RAM again otherwise change RAM

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Can not install Program on MAC: Unidentified Developers

MAC :  Program does not install on MAC. error: Program cant be opened because it is from Unidentified Developers.

This is becasue of security reason. You can change this settings.

Click on Apple symbol on left hand side top and select System Preference. 

1.  Apple icon --> System Preference

2. Click on Security & Privacy

3. Make sure general TAB is selected and click on Lock Sign at bottom.

4. It will ask MAC username and password. supply login details and click ok.

5. change it to Anywhere and close system preference.

6. Install Program.

Make sure to change settings back to MAC apple store and identified developer

Monday, September 9, 2013

Solved: iPhone 5 does not ring only vibrate

If your iPhone 5 does not ring then follow below steps.

iPhone 5 has silent button on left hand side. Make sure it is not on silent. The button is small rectangle and you can move up and down. Try now and see if it works,

Make sure it is not on "DO NOT DISTURB" go to settings --> General and make sure do not disturb is turned off. Try now.

Turn off Blue tooth and see if it works.

Do soft reset and see if it works. to do soft reset press and hold turn off button and middle button for 10 seconds until you see apple logo.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

SOLVED: Error Applying Security - Windows

Applying security error Access dined  is most common error when you try to copy files on folder.

There is simple solution of this issue. Take ownership of the folder. 

Follow below steps to fix security error on windows.

Right click on Drive (either c or d r what ever name)

click on Properties

Go to Security TAB

Click on Advanced at bottom

Click on Owner

Click on Edit

Select your log on name

Click Apply and OK

Now try again and you should able to copy or delete file from that drive.

Exchange 2010 error 451 4.4.0 - SOLVED

Error 451 4.4.0 Exchange 2010 is related to DNS query failed. If you have this error on your server then simple work around will solve.

1.    First of all open the Exchange Management Console
2.    The expand the Server Configuration option
3.    Select properties of server by right clicking on the server
4.    Now under property click on  External DNS Lookups option
5.    Here select the option use these DNS Servers button and add the external DNS IP addresses of your ISP. (You can get by calling ISP)
6.    Save the configuration by clicking Save button
7.    Now its time to go on send connector TAB
8.     Expand the Organization Configuration and click on tab called Send Connectors
9.    Select properties by right clicking on send connector
10.  Here select Network TAB
11.  Select  option to use domain name system MX records to route mail automatically and make sure to tick the Use the External DNS Lookup settings on the transport server
After doing these steps exchange will process all the queue emails.

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